Cabelcon Corning connectors

Full range of CX3 compression connectors and other Cabelcon connectors on request

DIY - self install connectors

For Digisat822 or similar RG6.

PG11M and 5/8 adapters NiTin

DKTCOMEGA high quality PG11M adapters for outdoor passive, amplifiers.

"Hard line" PPC connectors and splices – request additional types

  • B004-IECM for IK12, RG11
  • B004-3,5/12M for IK12, RG11
  • B004-SPL_2x17/73 splice RG11, IK12
  • B004-PG11FT connector for IK12, RG11
  • D006-SPL_2x22/99 splice
  • D006-IECM connector for 22/99
  • D006-FM connector for 22/99
  • G052-IECM connector for HA540
  • MBBK IEC14F-IEC14F splice
  • 3,5/12F-3,5/12F adapter
  • 3,5/12M-3,5/12M adapter
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