FTTx Optical Cabinets

FTTx cabinets (indoor and outdoor) for buildings, distribution cabinets, underground distribution solutions. With our partner we have a very wide selection of FTTx cabinets ... with all the necessary equipment. Here we present only a partial selection of cabinets - on request we will offer you the appropriate solution.

FDH 288 optical distribution cabinet

Optical distribution cabinet - with base - longer for mounting in the ground or with a shorter base for mounting on a concrete base. It provides up to 288 connections in 24 modules with 12 SC adapters or 12 modules with LC / APC_DX adapters. There are two additional modules on the top for the power cable. All modules can be mounted in the frame on the courses. The cabinet includes an integrated carrier for 9-11 PLC delinquents in ABS housing, cable management and below parking place for unused connections.

  • Number of modules (termination trays) 26 pieces, possibility of gradual expansion
  • Capacity of modules 12x SC-SX or 12x LC-DX adapters
  • The maximum capacity of subscribers is 288 for SC / LC (eg 8x32-way splitter = 288)
  • Space for mounting up to 11 PLC dividers in ABS housing (max. Dividers 1:32)
  • Patchcord management


Easy box is designed as a simple distribution box for indoor installation. Is destined especially for FTTH networks. Easy box can be used for storage of pre-connectorized cable or blown cable which can be spliced after request of the customer. It could be used as distribution point in small building facility, or as floor bo

  • Splices: 1-12 splices, 13-24 splices, 25-48 splices
  • Connectors: 1-12 connectors (SC); 13-24 connectors (LC)

MTeH Uni

Uni box is designed to be very versatile optical distribution box, which can realize a wide range of configurations and interconnect the fibers in many ways. Wall box is suitable primarily as a distribution point in FTTH networks. Box includes two types of connector panel and two large splice trays KM4.

  • 1-12 splices, 13-24 splices, 25-48 splices
  • 1-12 connectors (SC), 13-24 connectors (LC), 25-48 connectors (SC)

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