HFC, RFoG, FTTx Fiber nodes, receivers

The program has a range of Fiber Nodes and receivers for all types of optical networks -
such as HFC, RFoG, FTTB (fiber-to-the-building), FTTH.

Value Line Node - LR22 node

Value Line Node - LR22 node for two fibers or LR27 for one fiber

  • 117 dBμV (6 dB slope) / 114 dBμV (flat)
  • 2x RF output (splitter / taps plug-in modules)
  • DOCSIS 3.1 compliance
  • Downstream to 1.2 GHz
  • Upstream optional 65MHz .... 200 MHz
  • Modules - diplex filter, output splitter /
  • LT 22 (for LR22 only) - return path transmitter
  • Isolated CWDM DFB lasers
  • Setting up via a wireless bluetooth app or handset OH 41
  • Remote control (according to IEC 60728-14) via FSK receiving module
  • Local power supply 230V (LR 2x 2001) or remote supply 65V (LR 2x 6001)

Global Line Nodes - nodes

A full range of optical hubs up to 1GHz, including a return transmitter from the smallest to the "redundant" nodes

LR 47 x

Optical node with integrated fibre management. Plugin modules for return path transmitter, diplex filter and splitter/taps. Local configuration with OH 41 handset or Android app via Bluetooth. Remote management via HMS or DOCSIS 2.0 transponder.

LR 45

Remote-PHY node

LR 44

Inverted node in compact housing

Micronodes – nodes

Micronodes – nodes

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