JUMA / Forset FTU / CPE for FTTH, managet gigabit point-to-point ethernet

79742 FTU/CPE, 4-port RJ-45, CATV & 79716 FTU

This FTU / CPE series (sizes as a "socket": 88 x 88 x 65 mm) allow operators to easily terminate the FTTH by the user.

The Juma / Forsete series consists of a stand-alone passive part ie. FTU (Fiber Termination Unit - optionally available with WDM filter 1310/1490 / 1550nm), which is installed when the fiber is fed into the apartment, at the end of the fiber and from several active parts that are easy to install (click on the variant) to the passive part - from which we initially remove the cover.

We can choose between 1 or 4-port Gigabit LAN, 100 / 1000Mbps WAN with auto sense and CATV RX module as an option. Devices can be combined with devices from other manufacturers (telephones, routers ...)

The operating system is based on Linux, which makes it easy to customize configuration parameters and quickly integrate devices into a network that uses any OSS and is based on DHCP / TFTP or TR-069.


Example : 


  • CATV only 79720 (or79715/79716) + 79740 
  • CATV + DATA manageable: 79715 (79718) + 79742


  • CATV plus predhod Data :  79714+7940

Types Overview

Tip/Type Item Opis/Description
JUMA-1F-WAN-OAM 79734 FTTH 1 fiber SC/PC, JUMA series, 1x 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45, OAM Support
FTTH-1F-CATV 79740 FTTH 1 fiber SC/APC, CATV-Rx only
FTTH-1F-4P-S 79741 FTTH 1 fiber SC/PC, 4x 10/100/1000Mbps
FTTH-2F-4P-S-C 79742 FTTH 2 fiber SC/PC, SC/APC, 4x 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45, SNMP, CATV
FTTH-2F-BASE-WDM 79714 FTTH Base unit/optical outlet, WDM filter 1310/1490/1550nm, SC/APC, SC/PC adapters
FTTH-0F-BASE-PC/APC 79715 FTTH Base unit/optical outlet, splice cassette, SC/APC + SC/PC adapters, no pigtails
FTTH-0F-BASE-PC/APC2 79716 FTTH Base unit/optical outlet, splice cassette, SC/APC + SC/PC adapters
FTTH-0F-SMALL-PC/APC 79717 FTTH Base unit/optical outlet, no fiber cassette, SC/APC, SC/PC adapters
FTTH-2F-BASE-PC/APC2 79718 FTTH Base unit/optical outlet, splice cassette, SC/APC, SC/PC pigtails and adapters
FTTH-2F-BASE-PC-NOR 79719 FTTH Base unit/optical outlet, splice cassette, 2x SC/PC pigtails and adapters
FTTH-2F-BASE-CC-NOR 79720 optical outlet 2xSC/APC, pigtails and adapters


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